Belitung Regent Launches KMP Operations

Badau, Prokopim Regional Secretariat of Kab. Belitung – in an Effort to Support Economic and Tourism Development. In Belitung Regency, the Ministry of Transportation. Of the Republic of Indonesia Opened. A Shipping Route From the Tanjung Ruu Crossing Port. Badau District to the Tanjung Nyato Crossing Port. Nasik Strait District, Which Was Launched Directly. By the Regent of Belitung,  Sos, Thursday (01/12/2022), at Tanjung Ruu Harbor, Pegantungan Village, Badau District at 10.30 Wib.

Plt. Head of the Belitung Regency Transportation Service, Hendra Caya, who is also the Regional Secretary of Belitung Regency, said in his report that the opening of the shipping route from Tanjung.

Republic of Indonesia It is hoped that with the operation of KMP

Princess Leanpuri can make a positive contribution to the Phone Number List economy and tourism in Belitung Regency, as well as making it easier for people to cross to Tanjung Nyato Port or vice versa,” said Hendra.

In line with Plt. Head of the Department of Transportation Belitung, Head of the Land Transformation Management Center for Region 7 of South Sumatra Babel, Muhammad Fahmi, ST., MM Tr, in his speech also said that the KMP was operating.

Princess Leanpuri is the hope of all of us to be able to facilitate public access. “This is a form of our dedication to serving and contributing to the welfare of the community, especially the people of Belitung Regency. God willing, in 2024 we, the Ministry of Transportation.

Will be able to connect all regions in Indonesia using ferries said Fahmi

Phone Number List

On this occasion, the Regent of Belitung, Sahani Saleh, Sos said, the B2B Phone List focus of the Regional Government for now is to make the Nasik Strait District a Special Economic Zone for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries based on the Blue Economy.

In the future, we will collaborate with academics to jointly develop Belitung Regency, especially the Nasik Strait District. Because there have been many studies which state that the geological potential in the Nasik Strait District is extraordinary, said Sahani.

Ruu Port to Tanjung Nyato Port is a form of good communication between the Regent of Belitung and the Director General of Land Transportation, Ministry of Transportation.

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