Pembalong is holding a Cultural and Culinary Arts Festival, Saturday (10/12/2022). The festival, entitled Nanggo Ume Kite, features a number of cultural and culinary arts that are typical of Panggang.
A unique sight at this event.

This is because not only students and teachers are involved in the busyness of the event, but parents, local residents and village officials are also actively involved in this event. Some residents were even seen busy preparing food dishes. Some of them were also busy displaying a number of weaving and cooking arts at this event.

The head of SD N 20 Balong Sutardi said that the choice of theme for Nanggo

Ume Kite had an implied meaning. Nanggo Ume Kite means Latest Mailing Database seeing the growth and development of students’ abilities at school. Through this activity he also invites all stakeholders in developing students’ abilities.

“Hopefully this festival can become an actualization of being able to establish and see the development of children at school,”.

The Head of the Belitung Regency Education Office, Soebagio, said that this activity was an illustration of good cooperation between all academics.

“This activity is a good illustration, because it involves all elements in the school, including teachers, students, committee members, and local residents,” said Soebagio.

For Soebagio this illustrates the implementation of developing students

Latest Mailing Database

Potential exploration. This is in accordance with the B2B Phone List central government’s program which is currently transforming the education system in Indonesia, through the independent learning curriculum.

Reiner also mentioned the possibility of increasing the quota for 2023. However, his party is still waiting for it from the Director General of Oil and Gas. He also said that next year there will also be additional agents in Belitung and East Belitung.

Regarding indications of misappropriation in the distribution of subsidized LPG, Pertamina has implemented a logbook system at the base. If sales are found in the field above the HET or selling outside the base location, you can report it to Pertamina.

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