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[40] In addition, 《 Bankruptcy Law 》 also includes the so-called “ Safe Port ” clause to prevent bankruptcy trustees from recovering settlement payments from acquired shareholders. [41] In 2009, the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ruled that such settlement payments cannot be avoided whether it is a leveraged acquisition by a listed company or a private company. [42] In the case of protection of public shareholders, insiders and secured lenders have become the main targets of fraudulent transfers.

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The bank’s response to the failed leveraged acquisition was to reduce the debt equity  new data  ratio, thereby increasing the financial sponsor’s “ stakeholder ” and reducing the debt burden. [Need to quote ] Please also refer to the guidance of funds, departmental acquisitions, envy ratio, history of private equity and venture capital, list of private equity companies, vulture capitalists, annotated McKinley, A.Craig. “The current value adjustment method of lever purchase valuation ” (PDF). Wharton Business School. Retrieved on October 30, 2016.

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 On January 21, 1955, McLean Industrial Company purchased the share capital of Pan Atlantic Steamship Company and Florida Gulf Pier Company from Waterman Steamship Company. In May, McLean Industrial Company completed a general stock acquisition B2B Phone List  of the founder and other shareholders of Waterman Steamship. Marc Levinson, 《 Box: How containers make the world smaller and the world economy bigger 》, page 44–47 ( Princeton University Press, 2006).

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