The audience and then built the income

So in the end game, it’s all about choosing income streams that allow you to get automated or semi-automated income every month. So it’s not about having to do “10 different jobs” to get money. The good news is that once you build one income stream, you can (at least in theory) multiply it and use it to build more income streams. front of the income stream with priority. Here, too, you should first test the idea in advance and make sure that the product is in demand there is enough audience an income stream generates money before scaling it up.

You have to work in

In the worst case, it can happen that you work for half a year only to notice that the latest database income stream does not produce enough. And that, if that bothers you. Are you too old to start? You are not. It is important to know that building a digital business like this takes some time. So there is no “get-rich-overnight” concept involved.  you are, the more likely you will succeed. for these income streams, but I have had to study almost everything independently (the Digital Revolution big help). courses that can help you build your own income streams faster.

The more patient and persistent

 I myself teach it from a blogging perspective in the ™ online coaching. I am (almost 40 years old IIK )I’m already over 40 single parent of two special children (adhd/add).the twins are already adults my education is a financial management tradesman eager to B2B Phone List learn, experiment and test and eager to help others It is possible to build the “base” of income streams even if you are unemployed or on maternity leave. You don’t need to spend money to grow your audience.

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