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Cognitive evaluations These buyers may have visit your website, fill out the contact form. With their details, open emails, or left a hint of their ne in some way in short, they have shown an interest or a form of curiosity towards your company and what it offers. Your task will be to work on this minimal interest to transform it into a purchasing decision. For this reason, the next critical step will be to specifically define your prospect’s sales process. Inbound-sales-quote Develop the buyer’s journey. Always keeping your buyer personas in mind, you will ne to define. The path that your buyer will have to take to get to the actual purchase the buyer’s journey.

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The goal of inbound sales is to create a sales process suit to purchasing process. In this phase, therefore, you will have to web designs and development service imagine the “journey” of your buyer persona starting from the first contact with your company. From the moment they meet you for the first time, until the fateful moment in which they choose to become your customers. HubSpot defines the buyer’s journey as characteriz by main phases. Awareness phase in which the prospect identifies a ne to be satisfi. This ne, however, is not yet completely clear, so he begins to take action to try to understand it better.

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Consideration phase in which the prospect has clearly defin his ne or problem. It is therefore looking for possible solutions to try to solve it. Decision crucial phase in which the method with which to solve the problem pos at the start is found. The sales process, therefore, will B2B Phone List be align with these phases of the purchasing process. Support the prospect throughout you’ve outlin your prospect’s entire purchasing process, you can’t abandon him. The strategy to follow will be to provide support, helping him along the entire path. This strategy will allow you to take on the role of inbound sales consultant, through main activities.

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