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Repeat the previous steps to start automatically Create more  tracking other trusted influencers. Step 4: Use tags and filters If you think your feed is getting a little crowded, don’t forget that you can use WatcherSpy’s built-in filters. You can filter content according to type, influencer name, publication date, and tags. WatcherSpy filter save Speaking of tags, you can add them to your followers at any time on the Edit Followers page. Adding tags to WatcherSpy followers save We recommend using tags to group influencers according to specific industries. For example, you can use the “SEO” tag for BrianDean and Moz. That way, you can simply filter your feed using this tag to find SEO-related content.

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The downside is that it only works if you’re browsing on a desktop top industry data  or laptop computer. Feedly is a good alternative if you want to manage and consume your blog content on the go. Feedly save Feedly’s mobile app for both iOS and Android devices lets you track your content feed wherever you go. That means you’ll never miss out on the latest trends, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. I’ll show you how to use Feedly. Step 1: Find sources to follow content What I really like about Feedly is the user experience element. After creating a new account, you can easily specify which websites you want to track using the built-in search tool. You can also use RSS feed URLs and topic keywords here.

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Once your search is complete, Feedly will display a list B2b Phone List  of content sources that match your keywords. This is useful if you want to diversify your online information sources a bit. Feedly Master Blog Website save Click Follow next to the source whose content you want to monitor . From there, you’ll be asked to select an existing feed or create a new one. If you choose to create a new feed, simply give it a name and click Create. Add a new feed to Feedly save The feed page will now display content from the specified source. To get there, look for your feed’s name under Feeds in the main menu. Feedly blog list save Step 2: Create more feeds If you want to create a feed first and add content later, click Create new feed in the main menu.

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