EQUMEDIA is selected to disseminate the Young Cultural Bonus promotion

EQUMEDIA has recently won the competition to manage the new communication campaign of the Ministry of Culture. Sports for the dissemination campaign of the Young Cultural Bonus for an amount of €4,500,000. With a marked retro-pop style and developed by Newno Marketing. The campaign will be active during the months of September and October. Its main objective is to make known to all people who come of age in 2022 the existence of a direct subsidy of €400 to acquire. Enjoy cultural products and activities, inviting them to enter adulthood at the hands of the culture to generate new consumption habits and strengthen existing ones.

Laura Camazón and María Martinez in Digital

The EQUMEDIA team in charge of category email list managing this campaign is made up of Laura Camazón and María Martinez in Digital. David Izquierdo and Vanesa Hermida in the Customer Services area. For Celia Caño, General Director of EQUMEDIA. We are very satisfied to be able to collaborate with the Ministry of Culture. Sports to promote good cultural consumption habits among young people. We will do everything within our reach so that, through this initiative. Those who enter adulthood this year reinforce their interest in different cultural expressions. Enrich their knowledge and tastes towards them.”

Help to facilitate access to culture for those born

100 euros for cultural products in B2B Phone List physical format, such as: books, magazines. Press or other periodical publications; video game; sheet music; discs; CD; DVD or Blu-ray. 100 euros for digital or online consumption. Whether through subscriptions and rentals to musical, reading or audio-reading. Audiovisual platforms; purchasing audiobooks; purchase of digital books (e-books); subscription to download multimedia files (podcasts). Online video game subscriptions; digital subscriptions to press, magazines or other periodicals.

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