Can be sure that when it is ready, you will know exactly which direction to go and how to get there. What is your marketing strategy? Do you have a marketing funnel that is particularly close to your heart? How did you define your target customer? Let us know in the comments below! Contents Contents What is a search engine? search engines A search engine is a software program or script available on the Internet that searches for documents and files matching search terms and returns files that contain those search terms. There are thousands of different search engines available on the Internet, each with its own capabilities and features. Archie is considere the first search engine, which was use to search FTP files.

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Veronica is considere the first text-base one. Today, the most popular and well-known search engine is Google . AOL , Baidu, Bing and Yahoo. The promotion of your page in a search engine is calle search engine optimization . search engine optimization How the search engine works Because large database search engines contain millions and sometimes even billions of pages, many search engines do not just search pages, but of importance. importance. As shown in the image above, the source of all search engine data is a spider or crawler that automatically visits pages and enters their content into a database.


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Once the page is analyze, the data on the page is processe and transferre to the database. This can often include the steps mentione below. Stop words Recording the words remaining on the page and their B2B Phone List frequency. Saving links to other pages. Saving information about pictures and other inserte meia. The data collecte above is use to rate the page and is the search engine’s primary method of determining whether and in what order to display the page.

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