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I have refined the methods in my own blogs and tested their functionality in different situations and on different blog topics. In the early stages of my career, I took a few “practice sparring sessions” where I asked clients for a testimonial about my service instead of charging for sparring. When I gained enough experience and feedback, I started marketing a paid sparring service. I usually offer personal sparring twice a year. 5 people to spar with and we always make an individual plan with them. The plan can include 3 to 6 sparring calls, email support, reading and commenting on blog posts, technical assistance, and so on.

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I offer sparring primarily only to subscribers of my weekly newsletter, but of course from new data time to time I also take sparring people through a free consultation. Personal sparring is really rewarding, but for me personally it is challenging due to my family situation and that is why minimum. The days are different and with special children the plans can change five times during the day.

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That’s why organizing and scheduling phone calls and sparring sessions can sometimes be really difficult. This year’s sparring spots have been filled and the next time there will be a chance for it in spring 2019. Is it too late to start building passive income streams? Is not. I first read about passive income streams in 2007, when I got to know affiliate marketing. The most important thing B2B Phone List is to start with one and build the income streams one at a time. If I could start all over, I would probably start with affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing because it saves time.

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