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Those who answer “yes” will receive a few extra emails in which I provide added value and tips related to the topic. After a few emails, I offer the opportunity to participate in the partner’s course. This method brings me variable income, €150 – €1500 per campaign. In the blog, I typically make use of guest pen posts. I ask the partner to write 1-2 guest posts on my blog, after which I add a link to the product either in both or in another blog post.other and share them evenly on Facebook. Affiliate marketing is very rewarding, as you get to know different courses and trainers.

I link the posts to each

I always think carefully about cooperation campaigns and try to look at it primarily new database from the point of view of my readers: How much will my readers benefit from the offered course. I get quite a lot of inquiries and requests to get involved in affiliate marketing. I would love to participate in more, but it is important to understand that a good partnership marketing campaign requires time and effort. That’s why I can’t react quickly.I should know about a possible collaboration at least 3 months in advance.

I have now started telling partners that

There are only 12 months in a year, and when I spend 3 to 6 weeks planning the content of a collaboration campaign, I simply don’t have time to implement very many collaborations. There cannot be several campaigns at the same time. For 2019, I won’t take on any new B2B Phone List partnership marketing campaigns, I’ll take a gap year. Personal sparring I’ve been learning blogging, digital marketing, making online courses and launching for several years now.

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