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With the principle of yandex direct. And knowing how yan works and how to properly set up and optimize an advertising campaign, you can get an almost endless stream of target visitors to your site, which are easily convert into calls, requests and purchases. And today I will talk about the main points that you should pay attention to when setting up yan. How does the yan work? So, let’s first figure out how advertising works in yan, how it differs from search, and for which goods / services this type of advertising is not suitable . How does search advertising work? You enter a search query, yandex or google shows you ads that match your query.

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You begin to see ads that may meet Rich People Phone Number List your request or your interests. Approximately 20 percent of the time, you may see yan ads on specific sites that you frequently visit, even if you haven’t search for anything that matches the ad. This is the so-call setting without regard to user preferences. It follows from this that if you ne to advertise a product or service of urgent demand (calling a tow truck, a doctor, turning off alarms, etc.), then advertising in yan will not suit yo.

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According to the first ads on the search B2b Phone List the future, this product is not ne by the buyer. Advantages of yan over search but there is a reverse side of the coin. If your product or service is not yet search for in yandex, you can show advertisements to those who may be interest in your product. Yan works very well for products with a long purchase cycle – when the user nes several touches to buy a product. In this case, you can show users different ad texts depending on how they behav on your site. Yes, yes, retargeting only works in yan – you won’t be able to do the same thing on search.

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