More plus of yan is that clicks are cheaper than on search, sometimes 3-4 times. And the number of clicks can be increas almost indefinitely with little effort. Yan setup now let’s talk about the important points in setting up yan. For yan, you ne to set up a separate advertising campaign . You don’t ne to write a separate ad for each keyword. It is enough to choose one-, two-, three-word high- and mid-frequency queries and group them into semantic groups. And for each group write a few announcements. You can even skip the hassle and write one ad for all your keywords, it’s just that with this approach.

You will probably get fewer clicks

About rates it makes little sense to Coinbase Virtual Currency Database set less than 3 rubles, because ads will be shown without an image and very rarely. About texts and images it is better to write texts for yan a little “Yellow”, emotional, attracting attention. Rsyandex-4 ask! Images should also be catchy, bright. But at the same time, without small elements, because the picture in the ads is small, and there is no ne for it to shrink. Rsyandex-5 provoke! Use pictures of people where it makes sense. Practice has shown that ads with people are more clickable.

Special Database

Reklama-rsya-11 call Important

Disable impressions on thematic sites B2b Phone List when setting up a search campaign. With a separate yan campaign setting, you will surely receive more clicks, and they will be cheaper. How to optimize yan campaigns keep track of where your ads are shown. If you see that some site is sending you clicks, but they are not convert into requests, turn it off. In order to check which sites you get clicks on and whether they lead to requests, you ne to go to yandex.Metrica: section “Reports” → standard reports → sources → direct sites. Rsyandex-1 look: clicks from which sites do not lead to target actions on your site.

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