There are numerous threats to company data privacy. The most problematic to your marketing data is granting service providers access to your accounts, social media profiles, and passwords. Although some businesses don’t see it as a top priority, no one is exempt from having a data privacy breach. For those businesses operating in California, be sure you’re following CCPA privacy laws.

In a company, online privacy is everyone’s responsibility., Managers should take active steps to ensure they have access to company accounts. Employees should also secure their devices and comply with their NDAs given at the beginning of employment.

How important is data privacy to a company

Rather than seeing it as a phone number list protective measure, gaining control of your data is a strategic opportunity that builds trust in your customers. After all, if your own data isn’t protected, your client’s data is also at risk.  Also, when you have access to your accounts, you can be sure you keep business continuity if change vendor relationships.

What is an employee’s responsibility toward maintaining data privacy

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An employee’s responsibilities towards a company having control over their data should be stipulated in their NDA and the company policy. Persons involved should know how to access, retain, give out, B2B Phone List and dispose of sensitive information. They should know the appropriate technical security measures and why behind the tedious process of using 2-step authentications, antivirus software, and scrubbing their device storage. Depending on your business’ size, you may have a full-time employee tasked with IT or data governance.

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