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So make sure you decide for yourself which type of content suits you best. process. Benefits of YouTube Shorts Short videos. With a shorter viewing time you can easily and quickly transfer information to the viewer. It’s easy to make Shorts with your phone and a variety of creative tools and effects are provided to spice up and edit your videos. Visibility. Shorts are specifically designed to attract new viewers/subscribers on the homepage and Shorts page. YouTube Partner Program (YPP). The affiliate program also allows you to earn revenue from Shorts through ads that appear between videos in the Shorts feed. Cons Draft. Telling a long story or leaving a profound message will not be possible due to the 60 second time limit.

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Video for that. Distraction. Shorts are very Medical Surgical Dental Equipments Email List good at grabbing attention, including the attention of your long videos where you want to share important information. (Maybe your longer videos are getting less views because of this.) New. The position is still quite young and it is therefore unclear whether the trend of short-form content will continue or how it will develop. No space for a description. We don’t know yet what it can bring you. Will YouTube Shorts become as popular and effective as TikTok and Reels? We find out by experimenting. Revenue YouTube also offers the opportunity to monetize videos by displaying ads on the videos.

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The ads will only appear on Shorts viewed B2b Phone List on a desktop. But because 95% of all Shorts are viewed on a mobile device, the creators have almost no money in between. That’s why YouTube came up with the Shorts Fund to motivate the makers of Shorts. This fund contains $100 million and is only available for a few countries, such as the US. The same revenue model is not yet available in the Netherlands, so it is unfortunately not yet possible to really earn with Shorts. Do you still want a chance to earn a little bit? Then you can choose to participate in the YouTube partner program.

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