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I show you what you need to do to participate in this. This is how you make YouTube Shorts yourself There are multiple ways to Rome and that includes making Shorts. Do you have your own video that is filmed vertically and is shorter than 60 seconds? Then you can directly upload and edit it in the YouTube editor. You can also make a Short yourself via YouTube in the 5 simple steps below. Good luck! Do you need a little more help? Then follow this detailed instruction. Would you rather first see an example that we at Frankwatching have worked on and in which we give you a few more tips? Check out our Short! Step.

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Log in to the YouTube account where Electronic and Electrical Manufacturers Email List the video is to be uploaded or create a new one. When you open the app, you can press the ‘create’ button and then tap ‘create a short’. Step 1 – Create a YouTube Short! Step 2. Choose your music A Short often includes music. How you use the music is up to you. You can use it as light background noise or let the music do most of it. Click add music to start choosing. Another little tip: YouTube offers a library of copyright-free music for you to choose from. But it is also possible to use your own audio fragment. Step 2 YouTube Short 5 steps Step.

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Holding the red record button, you can start B2b Phone List recording your video. To stop recording, press the button again or release the button. In this section you can also change the recording speed, set a timer or sequence clips. Step 3 Record YouTube Short Step 4. Time to edit your short Since you only have a short time to convey all your information, you need to make it as easy as possible for the viewer! Add subtitles for readability and – if you want – a nice filter. You decide when the subtitles are displayed and disappear. Step 4 Edit YouTube Short Step 5. Upload and Share The most important part of the video is sharing it with the world.

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