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The highlights of a meeting for someone who joined too late (poe!). It’s safe to say that Microsoft Copilot can save huge amounts of time in your ‘regular’ work. We are already seeing this with other AI applications that generate texts, write code or answer questions. But there’s one question you really need to answer for yourself: What will you do with the time Copilot saves? Our track record does not bode well In 1967, the U.S. Senate commissioned a subcommittee inquiry into work and retirement. This committee has written a solid report on the trends and developments in the labor market at the time.

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Have a 22-hour work week in 1985 Tobacco Products Manufacturers Email List or if we choose, we could have a 27-week work year, or we could have a retirement age of about 38. – From the report . In addition, it was outlined that we could also choose to increase prosperity but at the same time also be able to take more free time. A sort of golden mean. But it didn’t quite work out that way. Well in terms of automation, mechanization and computerization, but not in terms of time savings that it has brought us as people. Where has that free time gone? We have started to produce, consume, build and create more. And with that, prosperity increased enormously.

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What do we do with the extra time

Saving time comes in many shapes and sizes. Copilot and other AI solutions are the latest form of this. But, for example, optimizing processes and (digital) tools, outsourcing certain tasks or deploying extra capacity creates space in an organization and in the days of each person. It would be great if we could use these opportunities for ‘extra time’ on things that provide more well-being, involvement and intrinsic motivation. It has been shown that this leads to less absenteeism due to illness and stress, less staff turnover (or vice versa: more new talent who wants to work for your organization) and (therefore) more results.

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