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Read also: From writing aid to Excel expert: Microsoft & Google present AI for digital workplace Now there are many ways to work on this, and we will discuss 3 of them in this article: Innovations and initiatives Quality and customer experience? We see many people who are not happy in their work. They leave, are ill for a long time or do not feel involved at all. It is therefore more important than ever to ensure that people work from intrinsic motivation. We see in practice that it is precisely the 3 points mentioned above that provide this motivation. This is where people get satisfaction from and can use their gifts and talents.

It ensures happy employees

Therefore Ba healthy company. Writing ideas Textile Mill Manufacturers Email List on a board – Unsplash. 1. Innovations and initiatives How valuable is it if the people in a company have ideas? If you think about it a little more deeply: isn’t it worth gold that people use their unique gifts and talents and make plans to make things more beautiful and better? Or to develop new things and want to use that in the organization? Therefore, manager: listen to what is going on! Create time and give people space. Create time and give people space. For the record: innovation is not by definition about inventing high-tech applications.

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It is just as much about innovation

Your business model, processes and working B2b Phone List methods or improving policy. But innovation is not always self-evident. It is important to create an atmosphere of innovation and development. How do you do that? There is a lot to say about that, but in a nutshell it boils down to: Challenge employees to convert input or perhaps frustrations, whether or not from customers, into ideas and plans. Express appreciation when ideas are suggested. Try not to shoot holes in ideas. Stick to this maxim: better an idea that is 90% good with 100% motivation than a perfect plan where the motivation is gone.

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