Question the process rather than the idea

How do you want to handle this? What do you need? Making mistakes is allowed/experimenting is important. Be encouraging if it doesn’t work (yet) or if mistakes are made. See what went well and can be reused in the next experiment. Just realize what a boost in motivation and pleasure it gives when people get to work with their plans and ideas! And think about what this does for the future-proofing of the organization. Are you afraid that those ideas will go in all directions or are you already seeing that? Then make sure (together!) for a good mission, vision and strategy.

This way you have a clear dot on

The horizon and you can test Furniture and Fixtures Manufacturers Email List whether the ideas contribute to this. 2. Quality and customer experience What if the tranquility directly contributes to the quality and optimization of the customer experience? Many companies can make a profit here. We all know that, but due to the enormous to-do lists that are already on our plates, we regularly miss opportunities here. What if we use the space created by CoPilot and AI, among other things, to increase quality and help our customers even better? We believe that people on the work floor know better than anyone how they can help customers even better.

Job Function Email Database

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Missed and where the company has B2b Phone List work to do. We believe that employees want nothing more than to really help the customer. They are willing to go that extra mile for a customer. But that is only possible if the space and time is also there to be able to do this. If there is a continuous pressure on an employee to work faster, more, more purposefully, or through processes where there is no room to work directly solution-oriented, you deprive employees of the opportunity to really see the customer and help them further . What would change for your employees if they were given more ownership to help customers really well.

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