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How much satisfaction would this give to the customer and employee? And do you really want to tackle the customer experience well with the time that has become available? Then work together to really understand your customer and to make the customer process transparent. Go through the customer journey from the customer’s perspective and discover together how you can serve the customer even better. Every organization exists by the grace of the customer (or student, patient) and there is no company that can do without customers. So ask yourself – together with your team – the following.

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What is the need of our customers Paper Products Manufacturers Email List for our product or service? What process does our customer go through before and after the purchase and how can we improve these processes? What feeling do we want to give a customer? You also want to know what emotions are involved in this process for the customer and how you can turn these emotions around for the better as a company. Many organizations have the idea that the earth is flat when it comes to how they deal with customers. They still believe that customers make rational decisions. But humans are emotional beings and make decisions that involve both reason and emotions.

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In other words, everywhere you deal B2b Phone List with people. And so you want to map out the needs of the customer for your organization. Both on a rational, physical and emotional (and psychological and unconscious) level, in order to (continue to) optimize the customer experience as a company. If you manage to bring this to the surface and give employees the time, autonomy and responsibility to take steps in this area, then you really have a win-win situation. Satisfied and loyal customers and employees who get satisfaction from their work. What else do you want.

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