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That ensures long-term happy employees, it is the opportunity to develop in a way that suits you. This can be done in the field of professional knowledge, but also in preparation for the realization of certain ambitions. You need time for these developments, time that now often has to be found in addition to the normal activities. But what if you can create ‘time’ in your organization and use it to let people develop? What would all this increased knowledge and expertise mean for the organization and for your customers? Rest at work and at home Now we would also like to highlight another side of personal development. The kind that is really personal. Less pressure from work immediately ensures more peace in your private life.

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If you experience peace in your work Printing and Publishing Manufacturers Email List you also have more peace to work on your ‘being’. Just learn to relax at home and (sometimes again) learn to do nothing for a while. If you feel the space, you can also use this peace to discover in which area you still want to develop yourself. Something that ultimately has an effect on yourself and your environment, as well as on your work. What we often see is that we are actually no longer used to taking a rest. To really do nothing. If you are constantly ‘on’, and then try to add peace to your life, it doesn’t feel calm at all in the beginning.

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Relax in your hammock and let the B2b Phone List moment be the moment. With time it will come naturally. Real. And believe us, once it feels normal, you don’t want to go without moments of rest. Our tip: ask yourself the following: If I can create more peace in my work, what do I want to develop further from a business point of view? How do I relax at home? How can I (learn to) build in that peace at home? What would I like to pick up at home, which brings me pleasure and relaxation? Board with post-its. Make a plan! Do you see opportunities to create peace? Whether with Copilot or in another way: first make a plan.

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