My best tips to get daily work done quickly

My best tips to get daily work done quickly.This year is critical for us. At Amazon we want to reach the magic figure of one million and transfer the knowledge obtained in recent years in this field so that our clients follow the same path. It is not easy to do many things at the same time (develop a tool, a platform for investors, launch our own products, restart our online store, manage customer accounts, etc.). The basic advice you get to solve it is this: focus.

Get the job done quickly

Get the job done quickly The first tip is therefore quite simple. To get work done quickly you email contact list  have to get work done quickly. Don’t leave that email response for tomorrow, contact the supplier now to request a quote, send the follow-up email now, send that invitation to meet, etc. There are no tricks. It’s about getting to work and forgetting about nonsense.

Make decisions in the moment

Make decisions in the moment Make small decisions as soon as possible. Do you want the design with a red or green B2B Phone List background? Will the sale price be 19.87 or 21.99? Does the meeting start at 9 or 10? Even more important decisions can be greatly accelerated. You have to be aware when you are faced with one and instead of moving on to the next topic, make a decision.

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