Nausea during pregnancy

Nausea during pregnancy is one of the first and most common challenges that many women encounter during this wonderful experience. It can be debilitating at times, but fortunately there are some remedies that can help manage it . In this article we will talk about nausea during pregnancy, its possible causes and some remedies that can help you feel better. We are here to support you and share valuable information to make this step a little easier.  Nausea during pregnancy: what causes it? Nausea in pregnancy: common symptoms Nausea during pregnancy: remedies . Therefore, How to make nausea go away Nausea during pregnancy: what causes it? As you probably know, nausea is a normal complaint during pregnancy .


It’s so common

In fact, that it’s often listed as a possible Canada Phone Number Data pregnancy symptom. But is it also inevitable? And what is it caused by? This type of nausea is more common during the first months of pregnancy, i.e. in the first trimester . It usually starts around week 6 and resolves around week 12-14. However, some women may continue to have nausea well into the second trimester. Therefore, Nausea during pregnancy may be most intense in the morning , but it can occur at any time of the day. As anticipated, it is a normal symptom and does not represent a danger for the mother or the fetus, however if it is accompanied by excessive vomiting or weight loss, it is important to consult your doctor to exclude other pathologies.

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In this second case

In fact, it could be hyperemesis Argentina Phone Number List gravidarum, which can cause a situation of ketosis in which the electrolyte balance is compromised. But the subject of this article is the mild – albeit annoying – and common disorder that occurs in 80% of pregnant women : occasional. Therefore, episodes of vomiting accompanied by weight gain and without dehydration. Morning sickness (commonly called this, but which can actually occur at all hours of the day) does not have entirely clear causes.

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