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New on Facebook: “Last Hour” tags can now be used

Facebook began to expand the “Latest News”, ” Last Hour ” or Breaking News tag , which it began testing in March, in more markets. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network started the trial with some 50 publishers and media outlets in some countries and is now looking to expand that application base. In addition, the label, which had already been fully implemented in users in the United States and in Canada, will Ukraine Mobile Database now be seen by more countries: all of Mexico, Australia, France, Germany and Spain. Product Manager Joey Rhyu said stories that contain the “Last Hour” stamp will also be tagged that way on Facebook’s CrowdTangle social media monitoring platform . This is what Rhyu wrote: “In the trial period, we have seen the latest news on politics, crime, disasters and business perform better. We are using this data to help publishers understand how to use the hashtag to connect people to the breaking news they want to see the most. ” Ukraine Mobile Database

“More than anything, we are pleased to see that users find the additional visual cue helpful, because we understand that it helps them feel more and better informed about what is happening around them, when it happens,” he added. More details on the Facebook blog . The objective of the Zuckerberg network is to help users easily distinguish when information is relevant and highlight it so that it is not diluted among the rest of the publications that appear on their Facebook wall. This is how the news of “Ultima Hora” looks. This Friday, in the aforementioned countries, 95 percent of all users will see the “Last Hour” stamp. In Spain , there are 12 media that can use the label at the moment and can only apply it once a day. Once a month, they have the possibility of highlighting five pieces of information on Facebook in the same day as breaking news, if current news requires it.

The limit is a way to ensure that the media only highlights what is truly relevant. Six hours after the news was published, the tag disappears. Rhyu said that in the United States and Canada, where the initiative is already Brother Cell Phone List several months old, users interact more with content marked as relevant by publishers: they spend more time, share it more and mark it more with a “like”. In addition to implementing the “Last Hour” brand in a general way in Spain, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Australia, Facebook will begin to test it in some Asian and Oceanic countries.

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