Our obsession with the smartphone

How can we continue to collectively accept our dependence on smartphones? Future generations will look back in disbelief at our obsession with these objects that we have regarded as luxuries. Smartphones will be seen as the landlines or VHS tapes of our generation. Some applications run completely without physical interaction, such as Amazon Go, a store without cash registers and staff. A new generation of objects will support the human-machine hybrid in which biometrics act as a connecting element. Maybe with implants. Glasses will play a central role, more than the virtual reality headsets that are now widely used. science fiction.

This situation is not a dystopia

But is already being applied. The military Depository Institutions Email List field is already teeming with ‘augmented reality’ applications. Developments also follow each other closely in other professional groups, such as the medical sector, where virtual consultations are already frequently used. The transition to consumer use is only a matter of time, with two main drivers: video game consoles the workplace As for any technological innovation with high potential, everything depends on acceptance, relevance of use and an economic consideration. Apart from Apple and Google, and to a lesser extent.

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Samsung, all Western tech players

Have an interest in developing these B2b Phone List technological innovations. They can better position themselves as true gatekeepers and also have control over our digital identity . Still, we understand that the big platforms are determined to create verified and paying accounts and counter anonymity, something that has become illegal in this biometrically controlled internet. Read also: Web3: what will the internet of the future look like? The question is whether annual investments of $10 billion are enough to open up these new channels of entry and spur the current dominant players into action and reaction.

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