This is Libre the new project by Mónica Moro Raquel Martínez

Mónica Moro and Félix Vicente , together with Raquel Martínez and Lotta Malm Hallqvist , have launched This is Libre as a talent community that incorporates the best professionals from all areas of the world of marketing and communication, in response to the new demands that companies and brands have in the post-digital era. For them, co-creation and collaboration prevail over the traditional models of business structures that have characterized our industry since its birth more than a century ago. Today everything is absolutely different and we must approach brands in a more free way, without burdens that allow us to do the best work organically, as its authors highlight.

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This is Libre is defined as a community , where category email list teams of the best professionals with proven experience and talent are designed, who share the same philosophy and values, who work collaboratively and integrated with the client’s management and marketing teams, to help them grow your business. Thus each project is shaped according to the need of the challenge . And the ambition is to do it nationally and internationally, together with its partners in London and the Nordic countries.

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Creative excellence is at the center of B2B Phone List our work. And that’s why we believe in ideas over structures. Says Mónica Moro. “We believe that strong brands are built with meaning. Personality and a clear point of view. To occupy relevant territories and be cultural leaders of those territories capable of gathering communities around them. She continues to explain. “For that we have to create content and experiences that people want to see and live voluntarily. That’s why we believe in people who want to take their brand to another level. Because they have reached their ceiling doing things as always,” he declares.

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