Sincere care is a cocktail of two

Your page is where you set the rules. If you don’t like reading someone, don’t read! If you find this comment offensive, don’t reply! Or answer and ban! You can’t let people act rude in your personal space. But dealing with complaints is an important part of the business, so monitor these reports carefully. If a customer complains about the service, thank you, sort it out and reflect it in the complaint thread, then your reputation as a person who is attentive to his business will only be strengthen. We all make mistakes, and the right to admit a mistake and apologize in time is highlyr.

Transfer followers to friends

Sometimes your readers and potential USA Student Phone Number List customers are hesitant to add you as a friend and modestly show interest by clicking the follow button. They will only see posts that you make public. Follow this and transfer them as friends, if you see that a person is close to you in spirit and life values, give people the opportunity to get to know you better. 12. Always ask why people send you a friend request? But after joining check your account first. When someone comes up to your car and tries to get to know you, it’s best to clarify what they want: maybe they want to express their admirationr.

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Maybe it’s a spy who is hungr

Your friend base to spread spam. Do not be too B2b Phone List lazy to look at the profile before confirming the friend request, and if you see that the profile is being maintain, the person has his own opinion, writes posts about his life or work, add. After adding it is worth writing a short message , for example: “hello anton! Nice to meet! What interest you in my page? Usually people are very active. If there is no answer, decide for yourself: remove from friends or leave. I’m deleting. 13. Use the golden triangle of social networks: give – ask – give thanks. In social networkr.

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