Sell exactly what the customer

There is a pattern of effective interaction describ by jan vermeiren, which is call the golden triangle. Zolotoi-trugolnik-socsetei let’s: useful information, interesting materials, pieces of your soul in every post. Ask for: advice, support, help, partnership. Thank you: for participation, for help, support and attention. 14. Viral content: give a reason to share. Stick a viral text on the car and the day after tomorrow in the city such a sticker will appear on every windshield. What to write? Learn what others share: analyze, create! A funny video about making a resume at home got 74,000 views, 156 sharesr.

Choose yourself! Do not provoke

Owning a car and building a network Loan Phone Number List of customers impose a certain responsibility on you. Aggressive posts on the topic “all pestrians are losers!” or “R light for cowards!” will not add to your popularity among normal, respecting the rules of car owners. So it is in a personal brand: remember your social responsibility , that your opinion becomes significant for many. It is better to remain neutral in sensitive topics, do not speak too actively and aggressively on the topic of politics or sex. Everything is good in moderation. I enjoy reading the political reviews of those I trust, knowing that they are experts in what they write about.

Special Database

But respect for the hysterics who

Use their own page in order to pour bile B2b Phone List on it falls very low. 16. Don’t whine, but don’t be a robot either. When talking about a car, you can constantly complain about how expensive it is to maintain it, how the rules of behavior on the roads are being tighten, how motorists and pestrians do not respect each other. Yes, of course, all this exists in our society, and sometimes it is necessary to talk about it. But do not turn these statements into a permanent topic for discussion. After all, you can talk about the opportunities that car ownership opens up for people, share your impressions about car trave.

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