The purchasing process

The purchasing process  A central part with further details and a final block containing the CTA best suit to the case. COLORS AND COLOR PALETTES Although it may be difficult to believe, there is no absolute right and winning color or shade. The sensations arous by the sight of colors are extremely subjective, because they are influenc by everyone’s background and experiences. color palette email design.jpg When we say that color is an essential element of email design we are referring to the ability to choose.

To reduce the consumer's

The color palette consistent with the spirit of the photo editing servies brand and its personality, playing with combinations of shades useful for highlighting the key points, always in a harmonious and balanced way. A mistake to avoid? Excess with colors or use the same color for different functions e.g. button text and background . IMAGES AND GIFs As with any other communication channel, images also play a crucial role in emails in capturing the user’s attention, stimulating their memory and improving their responsiveness.


A golden rule for successful email design is that there is the right B2B Phone List balance between images and text , preferably in proportions of and respectively . How to choose images to insert in an email? The suggestion is to prefer those that are relevant and functional to the objective, of good quality but with a maximum weight of around KB to prevent loading from being too slow, remembering to always insert the alt text and any anchor links. In recent years, animat GIFs have also been us successfully, capable of giving dynamism to everything and amplifying the communicative power of email.

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