To chat or not to chat on social networks

How to speak on social networks ? Advantages and disadvantages of talking on social media or how long do you have to talk on Social Networks? Should we talk on Social Networks, yes, no or how much? Or do you think that chatting on social networks is too overrated? Do you think brands or professionals who are on social networks should dedicate some of their time to talking to their audience? To chat or I’m talking to you about a topic that is increasingly discussed on social networks and is also important for the development of a community on the Internet.

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Therefore, Important it is for a personal or business brand to have a loyal community. A community that interacts with your content or products. An audience company data that speaks and recommends a brand. A community that gives life to a brand. If no one talks to your brand, who are you going to sell to? This could be the question.

But, this is not so simple. Really, is it necessary to talk several times a day with your audience on social networks to be a brand remembered and taken into account? This is a very interesting debate that we had at Street Personal Branding a few weeks ago and that generated so much controversy and comments. Something that brands have always wanted is to gain loyalty from their customers (fans).

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An excellent tool to achieve this goal. If you know how to communicate and converse. With your audience it is easier to achieve this. Improve traffic to your website B2B Phone List One of the objectives of all brands (personal or business). Is to get people to our website (web page or blog) and consume our content or products/services.

Therefore,  If you have a community in love with your brand or your content. You know that every month you will have a guaranteed number of visits. Therefore, And those people will possibly share those contents with their audiences and that will generate more traffic. Therefore, I think it is one of the most notable benefits in this process. At least for those who live off the Internet, and nowadays almost everyone, even if you don’t make money directly from it.

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