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Make sure you have a clear heading structure. Also, don’t forget to use lots of images that support your story. Zeeman annual report. Zeeman’s annual report contains many images that support the text. 3. Tell the stories behind the numbers People like stories. That is why storytelling in marketing is so popular. Also apply this in your online annual report. Have all employees of a department taken a new course? Tell the story of an employee who can therefore provide better service or enjoy his work more. Has a new treatment method been introduced.

Then make a story about a client

Practitioner who has worked with this Petroleum Manufacturers Email List annual report. BBC tells the story behind the numbers through various case studies . Use ambassadors Speaking of stories: you can tell them yourself, but you can also have them told. For example, by your employees, clients, tenants, customers, make it up. If they appear in the annual report with a good story, they share it with their own family and friends. This way you create ambassadors who in turn increase the reach. Annual Report of NEMO Science Museum. NEMO Science Museum lets employees and other stakeholders tell their own story in the annual report.

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Make your content interactive

With interactive elements you give B2b Phone List the visitor something to do. Use interactive infographics that show more information with a mouse-over or click. Let visitors play with the numbers in graphs. Add videos and animations. Or create a timeline with the highlights of the past year. Mailchimp website. In Mailchimp’s annual report you literally take a journey through the year With these tips you can turn your annual report into a document that is pleasant to read. And this is how you increase your reach. Moreover, the making process becomes much more fun this way! Also don’t forget that you can reuse the content.

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