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pages and comment sections to make sure they don’t accumulate spam over time. 28. Therefore, Pages that promote violence. Not surprisingly here but still worth pointing out, ‘lower’ quality. Pages include those that encourage or incite any type. Of harm or violence to oneself or others, including mental. Emotional or physical. 29. Malicious Pages Of course. Google hates pages that have harmful intentions, like scams, frauds, phishing sites. and sites that distribute malware. Quality raters are encouraged to give the lowest quality score if they suspect a site is malicious. even if they don’t take steps to fully confirm it. 30. Inaccurate content Google wants to provide factual and accurate search results. Content that is blatantly inaccurate (such as deliberately fake news) will receive the lowest quality rating. 31. Content contradicting a well-established consensus.

If you’re writing buy consumer list important YMYL topics like health, contradicting well-established expert consensus may be enough to justify the lowest quality rating. Therefore, Google encourages quality reviewers to consult reputable sources to verify what the expert consensus is. 32. Conspiracy Theories Sites and webpages promoting debunked or unsubstantiated conspiracy theories (at the discretion of Google’s reviewers) are considered lower quality. 33. Misleading Page Goals Deceptive pages are defined as pages that may mislead users or mislead search engines in some way.

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into taking actions that will benefit the site owner. This includes pages that disguise advertisements as main content or have advertisements that look like navigation links. Therefore, If users will have difficulty distinguishing advertisements from other content, it will be considered very misleading. 35. Main content stuffed with keywords Google is allergic to texts stuffed with keywords. Never add keywords to your content just for SEO purposes, they should be included naturally. Text should be written for users, not search engines. 36. Request for sensitive personal data .


or fake price alerts. If you use this type of functionality on your website, then definitely don’t expect to get a lot of traffic from search engines. 39. Pages with no main content Pages that contain no main content are ranked as low quality for obvious reasons. If you have a lot of these pages on your site, you can add content to them, remove them, or remove them from Google’s index with the noindex meta tag. Add your site to Google Search Console and check the coverage report, specifically the “indexed but not submitted” report. Visit all the pages in this list to make sure none are empty. 40.

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Google because they serve their purpose well. For example, these types of pages can explain to the user what happened and how they can find the content they were looking for. In conclusion Google’s Quality Rating Guidelines provide a ton of useful information. You can read and download them here. Therefore, If SEO for your website is a big part of your job, then I recommend downloading the guidelines and making it as accessible as possible for you and your team. In these guidelines you will find a lot of information on what Google considers low or high quality and everything in between. Making sure to avoid “low quality” and seek out “best quality” will in principle be very beneficial for your website traffic. Do you want to define your digital strategy but you don’t know where to start? Contact us for a first free interview during which.

we can advise you on your current project and give you some ideas for the development of your digital strategy. Therefore, Stephane Gauthier STEPHANE GAUTHIER Marketing technologist, passionate about web technologies for more than 15 years, Stéphane Gauthier now runs the web agency Les DIGIVORES in Lausanne and Geneva and supports the agency’s clients to define their digital marketing strategy and then coaches them on the ground for implementation. Categories Categories Select a category Archives Archives Select a month Why is communication important in business?

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