Their advertising and marketing campaigns New on Frankwatching How do you bind ‘the youth of today’ to your organisation? 9:00 am How politicians can use the potential of social media Sat Navigating to Success with Porter’s Five Forces Model fri Warm up your audience with the right preparation of your content fri 4 tips for engaging with citizens on social media do Now I can hear you thinking: another article about the power of AI in marketing. One look at my LinkedIn timeline and I see a legion of self-proclaimed prompt engineers sharing their knowledge.

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As a digital marketing specialist Canadian Pharmaceutical Email List you  must understand and speak the language of AI. Then you can make your life a lot easier. In addition, I’ve seen a significant shift in the way ecommerce marketing is approached in recent months. In the past I have already written an article about the 7 indispensable SEA tactics to take your webshop to the next level. Certainly relevant for your business if you want to rake in more sales. But what if I provide you with the handles and tooling that will make it even easier for you to conduct e-commerce marketing.

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Writing of product descriptions. In this article, I’ll explore B2b Phone List the possibilities and explain how AI works in the context of ecommerce marketing. Read more! What is AI and how does it work in ecommerce marketing? AI is a collective term for technologies that enable machines to learn, reason, solve problems and make decisions in a way that was previously reserved for humans. This definition is generated by ChatGPT-4 and pretty spot-on as far as I’m concerned. The key question is therefore how AI and e-commerce marketing can be two butts in one pair. A tip of the veil: by integrating AI into e-commerce marketing.

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