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Either way, it can save you a ton of research, writing, and formatting time. These scenarios will soon become reality, directly in Microsoft365 or the Google Suite – see the overview article by Frankwatching’s own acclaim Tineke. But there are also specializ tools, such as Typeface . This company own by the former CTO of Adobe lets communication people create target group-orient content in handy formats, such as an Instagram post or a landing page, and bas on your own assets and style guides . Typeface AI homepage screenshot.

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Artificial intelligence will also become Elementary And Secondary Schools Email List an indispensable tool in mutual communication and collaboration. It can filter the most important points from a long e-mail trail, provide a live summary of a (video) meeting and convert bulky policy documents into understandable text. Even collaborating in the metaverse, which I wrote about earlier , is getting closer with generative AI. Tools like Versy can greatly spe up the creation of 3D worlds. Moreover, AI can significantly lower the threshold to contribute and participate in the conversation in the organization. Many people are now discourag from giving input or opinions.

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Text with a nice picture. Bas on substantive B2b Phone List prompts, AI can do this for them and thus help unlock a lot of knowlge, experience and ideas in the organization. A third big promise of generative AI is personaliz learning. You can use it to tailor learning programs to individual employees, for example on the basis of role, department and language, but also on work experience, ucation level and learning style, such as textual or visual. Simple example: with Wisdolia you can create flashcards for any text or video. Naturally, this is also a huge opportunity for the ucation sector, which now mostly complains about chatGPT-written essays.

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