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The CTA button should be very distinct from the message, so that people can easily notice it when they Which is why you glance at the message. Prefer command formats in CTA buttons, i.e. download or buy, for example. You can also test different colored buttons and their effect. Optimize timing The timing of email marketing should be optimized. In certain situations, it makes sense to send an e-mail immediately, and in other situations, its optimal sending time is, for example, a week after the purchase. In addition, it is of course .. Not only is it important to impact users with our product and get them to pay attention, we also have to get them to remember us. With these techniques,

More than just looking nice

Email marketing requires a lot of testing to find the best ideas. Legislation related to e-mail marketing Germany Phone Number List When doing e-mail marketing, you must definitely take into account the related legislation. Both Which is why you the Data Protection Act and the Act on Electronic Communication Services are central to e-mail marketing .worth paying attention to the time of day if you operate in different time zones. For example, messages coming in the middle of the night are not necessarily the best practice in terms of customer activation.

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In terms of legislation, B2C and B2B email marketing are clearly different. Regarding the  B2C B2B Phone List field, the legislation Which is why you is clearly stricter than B2B. by some active measure. An active action is, for example, ticking a checkbox. and each of them has its role within the purchasing process: the most basic and simple purchase decisions. The limbic system is located in the midbrain, at a slightly more superficial level than the reptilian brain. Its main function is to control our emotions, therefore, it is closely related to that 80% of impulsive purchase decisions.



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