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You Need to Have Something That Tells the Customer.

Ethereum or even soon the Electroneum (a currency allowing payment via smartphone). If your targets, according to your digital marketing , use one of these last three means of payment, you will either be seen as a precursor or a “crazy”, but these currencies have a bright future ahead of them. The choice of solutions will depend on the following factors: The strategy applied by your company : according to your choice, you will sell in Switzerland and/or abroad. This means that you will have to adapt to what is being done in the countries you have targeted. The type of products you will sell: if you want to sell classic products or if you sell luxury products. The price of the products or services. Your target customers and also the market you have decided to attack. The different payment solutions for your e-commerce shop In Switzerland,

the choice of PostFinance must be sri lanka telephone number finder made if we decide to target users of payment solutions such as Twint or Postcard. But the fees can still be quite high knowing that you have to pay the transaction fees at Post Finance as well as the transaction fees for credit cards… PayPal PayPal is very well known and widely used throughout the world as well as in Switzerland. From a customer point of view, it’s really very easy to use and many of them have an account with PayPal. This system allows them to pay by credit card if their card is already linked to their account or with the balance present on the PayPal account. PayPal offers two products: PayPal Integral and “Payment Gateway Solution”.

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PayPal commissions range from 3.4% to 1.9% and these vary depending on your monthly turnover. The “PayPal Integral” pack is the one that is installed. By many shops because it is very easy to install and configure and requires. Little technical knowledge. The “Payment Gateway Solution” pack allows for deeper integration and forces your customers not to leave your website, but this will cost you around CHF 25.-/month.


you will only have to copy two sets of numbers into the payment plugin in your store. And that’s it, you’re ready to offer this payment system. In addition, the interface for managing your account is really very well Stripe offers you the following payment methods: Credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express. The fees are 2.9% + CHF 0.30.- per transaction. Some other means of payment only take 0.8% + CHF 0.30.- per transaction. Wallet : Alipay, Amex Express Checkout, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, Masterpass by Mastercard, Visa Checkout. Please note that these payment methods are not active in all countries. Electronic currencies If you are connected to the Internet and read a bit of the news, you will certainly have noticed or heard the word Bitcoin, this digital currency that many people talked about at the end of last year following its soaring price.

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Know that this is by far not the only electronic money! There are dozens of them including Ethereum (ethHow to create a website? This article is not exhaustive of course, but I have tried to give you the main lines of thought that must be. Carried out to succeed in your website creation project. These thoughts are the result of years of practice. Helping my clients get a lead generation tool online. image of article how to create. A website How to create a website? As you have understood. Your company’s website is an essential medium for.

and bending over a blank sheet of paper to figure out how to build your website The fundamentals of your marketing If you haven’t already, start by writing down the basics of your business marketing. Define your vision : What vision do you have of your field of activity? What are your goals ? specify them, are they SMART ? What values ​​do you hold? etc Define your mission : Use, for example, the Value Proposition Canva that you can find on the Strategyzer site .

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