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Iclud to get you start right away. And for those who want to read on in parts, no shortage of reading suggestions. For example, about intelligence or how to ensure future-proof skills. Read also: The (too) fast AI developments: threatening or brilliant? Blessing or Curse? It seems to be the fate of every new technological development: one group is certain that the end of time has now arriv. From the now mythical N Ludd who smash weaving machines because all weavers would become unemploy, to those who now see our sure demise in AI. Of course there are concerns. Gieling and Van den Berg refer to China, where with facial recognition and a social points system, running a r light can have consequences without the involvement of a cop (another Black Mirror episode overtaken by real life: Nose Dive S3E1 ) . But the examples where technology.

Helps solve all kinds of social issues are countless

From analyzing mical scans to plastic Chinese Thailand Phone Number List detection in oceans. In the book, Gieling and Van den Berg discuss this fear in detail. Their approach, fortunately, is neither that of the missionary who only sees the benefits of AI, nor of the prophet of doom who warns us. Using the steps from The Sisyphean Cycle of Technological Panics, they illustrate how social unrest works time and time again. And some of us, like a modern Sisyphus, are doom to go the same way with each new development. All unemploy? One of the fears that you often see and that Gieling and Van den Berg also address is that of employment. If we have such powerful, smart tools that can think, what else are people ne for? 64% of professionals believe AI will provide: more income inequality social isolation loss of human capabilities. The Big Five accounting firms estimate that only 4% of jobs will disappear.

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Will help you as a professional to have B2b Phone List a unique add value. This is in line with the foreword by Eva de Mol, who emphasizes that AI can actually make you better at your work, without having to learn how to program. In a critical, somewhat older video by CPG Grey, Humans Ne Not Apply , he distinguishes between unemploy and unemployable . The first is impractical but fixable. The second much more difficult. In the book you can also read about an interesting discussion about award-winning artist Jason Allen. After the award ceremony, he report using generative AI to create the award-winning image. Is that cheating? Or, as Allen point out, the artist at work who learns, uses and develops all kinds of techniques to create art.

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