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You wrote line by line instructions that together form a program , for example an address database. The program did what it was suppos to do, no more and no less. For every change, such as for an extra address line in the address database, you had to make adjustments in many places. These types of programs still exist. For example, withdrawing money from an ATM is a number of straight-forward steps. When I withdraw money at such an ATM on holiday, I receiv a message from the bank a few seconds later. An abnormal recording was detect and if I want to get in touch if it wasn’t me. False alarm in this case, but very handy. Noticing that a transaction deviates from my normal pattern is smart, because it ignores a few lines of concrete instruction. Then intelligence or logic kicks in, so that a deviation in a pattern is recogniz. Us to smarter software In many places we have slowly become accustom to smarter software.

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There are now a number of standard Chinese Australia Phone Number List answers above every incoming mail. If you send an email with a promise yourself, you will be ask in your Microsoft 365 Viva weekly overview whether you have kept that promise. With the introduction of generative AI, the most famous example being ChatGPT , things suddenly went very fast. In a chat window you give some instructions and whole texts appear. Images can be generat with a few commands and even presentations can be generat with a few commands. ChatGPT AI instruction and response Source: Ascannio / Shutterstock With that, AI has gone from a technical promise that a few were busy with to mainstream.

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As a professional, manager or board B2b Phone List member of an association, ensure that you know what it is and what it can do. Artificial intelligence in 60 minutes Artificial intelligence in 60 minutes (affiliate) by Remy Gieling and Job van den Berg was recently publish in the Haystack series ‘… in 60 minutes’ . This compact introduction provides a readable overview of developments in recent years, as well as expectations for the future. Handy to see what AI is and what it is not and which developments form the basis of it. And what the difference is between all kinds of ways in which digital tools become smarter. In addition to clear explanations, the book contains a series of AI cases from organizations such as.

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