Overview of developments around AIBook Artificial intelligence in 60 minutes Artificial intelligence in 60 minutes (affiliate) by Remy Gieling and Job van den Berg gives you a quick overview of relevant developments around AI so far: cases, tools and reading tips. Even if you follow developments closely, it is a handy overview with interesting side steps. And if you are surround by critics who constantly grumble and gloom about AI, you can buy and distribute a stack to get past generalities about AI and really get into a conversation. PS Article creat in Obsidian using TextGenerator for an outline suggestion, title suggestions, paragraph shortening, show summary of a mention book Right prompts, good output6 principles for impressive creative content Do you want a 15% discount on all our events? Join the Frankwatching community and sign up for the exclusive them newsletter! 1.7k 1 like bookmark Roelof Dijkstra from Adpin.

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How politicians can use the potential Chinese UK Phone Number List of social mia 9:00 am Navigating to Success with Porter’s Five Forces Model fri Warm up your audience with the right preparation of your content fri 4 tips for engaging with citizens on social mia do Starting with employer branding: why, when, who, what and how? do There may be more good books written about creativity than impressive creative content. Why does everything look alike? Are all agencies that produce content so uninspir? Are they taking too little risk? Or is being creative and being able to apply it more complicat than a robot trying to understand emotions? What is Creativity? Being creative is describ as being different, new, unusual, original, unique.

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Does not have to be unique ! In practice, creativity B2b Phone List often involves using – or drawing inspiration from – existing content and ideas to create something new from it. Or you just give something that works well a twist. In the marketing world you can make a difference on content, image, design, animation and interactivity. However, creative content certainly does not have to be unique! Distinction is never the goal It gets interesting from here! Anyone can create creative, distinctive content. But being distinctive is the means (to stand out), never the goal (to convey a message or call to action). Of course, if you want to achieve a goal, you can’t just do everything. If you do, then it is at most pointless art. Looks nice on the wall, but it doesn’t deliver results. Standing out is always relative to something else Paint your dull gray scooter bright r, including seat and matching helmet.

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