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Drive through the streets and you’ll stand out! A week later there is a big party with ‘r’ as the theme and the whole street does exactly the same. Gone attention! You are suddenly average, precisely with the original gray color you would have been distinctive. So far no surprises. Marketing is always about standing out from your competitors, not everyone. For example, you can also be distinctive if you do something that has already been done somewhere else in the world. As long as your competitors don’t do the same. Read also: Creative content? Ignore these 7 rules Attraction or aversion? Standing out is not difficult. Unfortunately, this doesn’t automatically mean the appeal your brand craves. It can also arouse disgust.

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Although negative attention is also Chinese Malaysia Phone Number List attention – the showbiz world, for example, does well on this – a serious company does not want this. Creative content Distinguishing with creativity is difficult Why don’t we see unique top content on screen every day? The reason that a lot of creative content looks alike has to do with many aspects. That’s how we deal with rules. On several levels. There are also trends and fads. You should always consider whether or not you have authority. And budget, luck or bad luck play a role. All determining and often limiting your creative excesses. What to keep in mind when creating creative content: Lines Kind of business Trends and fads Authority Budget Luck and bad luck.

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Rules Pablo Picasso said

Learn the rules like a pro so you can B2b Phone List break them like an artist. Rules are essential to maintain balance, but they don’t always accept change and room for creativity. Unfortunately, in the marketing world they can only be violat to a limit extent. What rules are there? Legal and ethical rules You must never violate these. No exceptions. Brand rules about layout, content and language use If you adhere to these, the content will appear professional. Consistency is also important. Only deviate from this when it comes to a detail, nothing more. Technical rules of publishers Remember standard dimensions for Ads. Moving image or not. How many seconds of video? It’s all set before you start. Market conventions.

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