As a rule viral content includes

There are no hard and fast rules, but certain standards and conventions for advertisements often arise within specific sectors. There is a lot of room here to dare to do things differently. 2. Type of business In some industries it is easier to be creative than others. You don’t change this. Humor is, of course, something that is often distinguish. But you can lose this less in a serious business, think of the financial world. There are also major differences between B2B and B2C campaigns. You see the best content more often within B2C campaigns, although that is changing more and more. Know your target audience, so you know what they find interesting.

Trends and fads Creativity scores

Well if it is directly relat to current Chinese Singapore Phone Number List events, but this is not an advantage. As long as it doesn’t conflict. Timing is also important. Offering Christmas items in the summer is not a good idea in most cases. 4. Authority / Notoriety Before you create creative content, you ne to know how well known the brand is already. When a well-known, authoritarian brand or person shouts something, it has more impact than when a completely unknown brand or person proclaims something. Even if something better is call! Unfortunately, it’s not just about the catchy content.

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Often have to explain more precisely B2b Phone List what your service / product is. That limits creativity. Globally known brands can go very far in their way of communicating thanks to authority . A good example is the art of omission in advertisements (minimalism). Read this article later and you will know why. 5. Budget It goes without saying that money is ne to develop ideas. In practice, this is actually always a limiting factor. Not everything is possible. Even the most beautiful brands don’t have money trees. And then of course you take less risk. Does the budget reach heaven.

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