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Then you can quickly achieve a lot in our capitalist world. If a brand is not authoritarian yet, you can easily create it with a huge budget. And you can take a lot of risk. 6. Lucky or unlucky There are too many variables in the world to take into account. Stupid luck is always welcome and you don’t always prevent bad luck. Bad luck as an example The best content can be less noticeable if many competitors also come up with similarly good content at the same time. Happiness as an example A current event is right up your alley! Grab the opportunity to apply this within a campaign, because this usually scores well.

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If everyone puts together exactly the Chinese Europe Phone Number List same content due to limitations, then the following occurs: ‘common property. A scary word in marketing land. Striking no longer exists. Which is remarkable! Fortunately, everyone never does exactly the same in every area, but you see similarities everywhere. There are countless successful creative agencies that pretend to think outside the box and really do everything differently. Really everything! But what else do they do? They don’t say it and you don’t see it. 90% of what they do, their competitors do too. Yet a creative mindset is not lost in those cases.

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After all, being creative doesn’t mean

You have to be 100% unique B2b Phone List Commonplace. A scary word in marketing land. But there may be very good reasons to consciously do the same in certain areas! Content creators often want to take advantage of proven successful approaches and mitigate risk with best practices . If certain ads or styles have perform well in the past, they may be tempt to repeat similar approaches. You are assur of a campaign that will not be very bad, but you are also sure that you will not stand out. For that you have to deviate more from the normal. Also, highly creative ads aren’t always more effective at inspiring people to buy than ads that catalog only “basic” product features or benefits, for example.

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