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Feel free to use it and test, test, test! non-creative content Does content always have to be impressive? Wipe the rolling beads of sweat from your head. Even though you have to take many aspects into account, you don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel. Rest in the fact that not everything you create is impressive and will go viral. It cannot and is not a must. If your campaign is less distinctive, you can still make an impact. Repetition is an important factor and fits well into a long-term strategy. If your message is often seen, you also penetrate the consciousness of the target group. Also helps when it comes to authority! Be aware that repeating the same thing too often can cause irritation.

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arise to show your content in places Business Owner Phone Numbers List where there are no competitors. If no one else is there, you don’t have to stand out at all! If your campaign is less distinctive, you can still make an impact. So what is creative content all about? Balance is the magic word. The balance between following best practices and developing fresh, original ideas. If you do this with the right considerations, call it: creative content! Even if it is (a bit) the same as something that has been done before. Always ask yourself the following before creating creative content.

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Who are the competitors I ne to B2b Phone List differentiate myself from? Which target group am I addressing? (serious, business, or otherwise?) Do you make a choice between safe or risky (best practices vs. very creative)? What budget is available? Is your content often repetitive with the target group, or not? Always aim for impressive content, but remember: great results don’t just come from award-winning creativity! Go for it and start with a good preparation.7 x inspiration for a creative & clear ‘about us’ page Do you want a 15% discount on all our events.

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