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Colgate Launches a Sound Brand Identity Focusing on Optimism

He has created a phenotype to reflect the emotional storytelling of the brand and promote its differentiation in the sector
The sound composition has been done in collaboration with the creative music agency Massive Music Netflix, HBO, McDonald’s , Disney… They are brands not only recognizable by their logo, their colors or their slogan, but also by their sound. And is that audio is an essential element to build the identity and personality cell phone numbers for sale of brands and an increasingly relevant aspect to connect with consumers. Colgate , the multinational specialized in hygiene and oral care products, is now added to that list of firms recognizable through the ear .

The purpose of the composition is to reflect the optimism for which Colgate is committed
The brand wanted to accompany the white smile of its logo with a smile that can also be heard. Thus, it has worked in collaboration with the creative music agency Massive Music , both with the London and New York offices, to generate a series of assets and sound compositions with the intention of creating an authentic holistic listening experience focused on optimism, terrain chosen by the brand for its current positioning.

In this sense, we have sought a sound that is memorable, modern and that reflects Colgate’s personality and central promise, and its storytelling towards emotional engagement . At the same time, an attempt has been made to endow the musical composition with a sufficiently flexible character to coexist in the different markets in which the brand operates, have global appeal and relevance, offer new opportunities to differentiate itself in the sector and function in all the ranges of products of the firm.

As explained from Massive Music, they turned to science to eliminate subjectivity from the process. ” Since Colgate is a brand used by millions of people, we wanted their sound brand to be culturally and regionally agnostic, ” they comment on the creative process. “In speaking with some of the world’s leading experts on the subject, we discovered that certain types of humming are universally accepted as a human expression of well-being .”

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A combination of science and music

Thus, based on humming, it was decided to choose the key of D major for the base of the composition, since it is widely accepted as optimistic in nature, and a combination of feminine and masculine tones was chosen to guarantee diversity and fairness in order to record the two-second monotype. The intention was, above all, that the audio was real, close and natural.

However, the creative process has also taken into account the history of the brand and the global nature of the business. With the goal of designing an element that could be heard in all brand communications around the world, Colgate and Massive Music targeted, based on research, towards musical ingredients such as strong rhythms, emotions, brilliant sounds and surprising moments.

“We needed a sound architecture to unite Colgate’s diverse marketing content and geographic reach.”
” We needed to create a sound architecture that could unite Colgate’s diverse marketing content and geographic reach together with a sound that could be universally understood as optimistic and unmistakably Colgate, ” said Roscoe Williamson, Director of Creative Strategy at Massive Music London. “ Working with a team of academics and psychologists, we were able to really decode the ingredients of upbeat music. The result is proving to be highly memorable and adaptable . ”

For their part, Colgate values ​​the collaboration with the agency as a fascinating and pleasant process. ” The Massive Music team has an innate ability to synthesize B2B Phone List complex and emotional feedback and produce something that is rooted in strategy and science, but still intrinsically linked to the brand, ” said Jared Richardson, Colgate Global Design Director. . ” They struck the perfect note with this project that is now very strategically valuable in our global marketing campaigns and we look forward to further developing this side of our brand .”


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