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Make your optimizations even more powerful. You can read more about it in this article . 9. A pragmatic social media strategy in 8 steps Do you have a social strategy that is gathering dust in a drawer? Shame! A pragmatic social media strategy helps you set the right course. That’s how you handle it . Model of Positive Digital. Model of Positive Digital. 10. How do you integrate ChatGPT in your content process? Another article about ChatGPT? Yes, but this time with a different approach. It is often about what you can do with ChatGPT, but not often enough about: how do you make it part of your content process? Kim Pot shares her learnings in this article.

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Shutterstock This was the top Office 365 Email List 10 of June 2023. Are you curious about the most popular articles from other months? You can find it here .5 ChatGPT-tips om een boost te geven aan je socialmedia-marketing In 9 dDo you want to specialize in strategic marketing? Start the NIMA B Digital marketing course on September 14! 2.7k like bookmark Gabriella Modderman from Immersive Omnimedia 2.7k July 3, 2023 at 08:00 Read for 4 minutes New on Frankwatching How politicians can use the potential of social media Sat Navigating to Success with Porter’s Five Forces Model fri Warm up your audience.

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Content fri 4 tips for engaging with citizens B2b Phone List on social media do Starting with employer branding: why, when, who, what and how? do There is a significant shift going on in the media landscape. We are moving from omnimedia – where traditional media, social media and digital platforms coexist – to a new era of immersive media. The latter is characterized by the application of technologies. Including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain. Changes that are fundamental to the way we communicate and create. The development of the copywriting profession Where copywriters focused years ago on texts for brochures and flyers, this has rapidly shifted to creating web pages and online advertisements.

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