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It requires copywriters to upgrade their current skillset. Writing texts for AR and VR is different than writing a nice text for a brochure. And an effective web text has other characteristics than a few well-running sentences that are needed in the Metaverse. In short, times are changing ! immersive media copywriting change Do you fall back on AI as a copywriter? What is happening more and more is that copywriters are turning to tools like ChatGPT . If you suffer from writer’s block, or if you are looking for inspiration for a topic that you have not eaten too much of, then it is a great tool.

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That is really not recommended. First, you have Canadian Hospitals Email List no idea whether the algorithm uses valuable knowledge or sheer nonsense. Often the citation is completely wrong and anyone who enters similar prompts and search terms will see the same vomit. So you do not have a cheat code for unique texts in your hands. In fact, you have to deal with copyright. Since you did not write the texts yourself, anyone can recycle them just like that. And if everyone reuses them Then you have one article online in a thousand different ways. A no go for your originality and negatives for your ranking in the search engines. For the SEO copywriters among us If you use your texts to rank higher in the search engines, you will have to make many changes in your work in the coming years.

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Offer visible in the physical world, you will soon B2b Phone List also have to deal with virtual worlds . Technological developments go hand in hand with unique search behaviour, different needs of users and optimization of virtual shops. If you want to sell an AR or VR experience, you will also have to optimize your platforms for this. Different context, different input, shall we say. Warm up your audience with the right preparation of your content Become a certified marketing professional in 9 days? Start with NIMA B Digital marketing! 820 like bookmark Mike Cestari of Cestari Content & Communication 820 August 25, 2023 at 08:00 Read for 4 minutes New on.

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