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Create Awesome Blog Posts Free

Beginner’s Guide: START A BLOG Online Marketing does not allow you to rest in peace for past achievements. When you don’t try new things all the time, you become irrelevant at some point. And to try new things you have to get out of your comfort zone. Like I did on Sunday. Of course, our podcast is related to marketing, and of course making a podcast is nothing spectacular anymore. Trying new things often just means you need to try what’s new to you. Remember the feeling you got when you hit “publish” on your first blog post? Your first tweet? Status update?

That was the same feeling that made me feel weird when I recorded my first podcast. And I realized something about myself: I’m just more of a writer because I started writing much earlier in my life. I have practice in writing. In the world of online marketing, the only way to be good at something is to do it. In the world of online marketing, the only way to be good at something is to do it. Click to tweet Online marketing is all about creativity. This experience allowed me to see something very clear. Online marketing is about creativity. Not only to try new things, but also to be creative with the things you already do. If you are blogging, you should change your point of view from time to time.

If You Are An Expert In Google

Adwords, you should always imagine yourself as the person who is searching for something. And if you are active in any field of online marketing, you will never be exclusively active in one field. As a blogger, you’re not just a blogger: you’re a social media marketer, you’re active in SEO, you South Korea whatsapp number list  might try podcasting one day. You are never JUST a blogger… click to tweet Be creative. Do you want to get out of your comfort zone and learn something new? Check out our eBook ” The Social Traffic Code “. You will learn how to grow a targeted audience on social media and how to convert that audience into free social traffic! traffic code What online success really means My guess is that no one is buying into the myth that online success is easy anymore.

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Ok, maybe you will, but then: stay away from this blog, because then it’s not for you. The path that got me to where I am today led me to believe that success online boils down to the following criteria: Never give up. Keep walking, the road in front of you may be paved with Google updates, but it leads to the top. Get creative (or in other words: don’t wear black or white hats). Never back down on anything just because it hasn’t been done before. Online, ideas still count. And every little idea could make a big difference (most ideas won’t, but the ones that do are worth it). Be wide. Never specialize in just one thing: all things online are interconnected. No online strategy can focus solely on one area.

There Is No Social Media Strategy

Without an overall online strategy. Many people will disagree with these points, and they are my idea of ​​how to approach the online world. But this is what I currently think is most important. Back to the story… Like I said before, feeling weird didn’t stop me from going full force. Like I said before, feeling weird didn’t stop me from going full force. click to tweet. Any time you market something, especially when you do it online. You will be tempted to go down the road you already know. But true success most of the time can only be found when you step out of your comfort zone. Instead of one show a week, I now do 2-3 shows a week. I’ve already released episode 2 and guess what, it’s starting to get fun. I felt a lot less weird the second time, and it took a lot less time.

And I’ve already started to see the benefits of that, at least, I hope so. In a month, I’ll be writing an article reviewing my success (or failure), and I’m looking forward to it. But whether I declare it a big hit or a flop, I’ve already become a better salesperson from the experience. Getting out of my comfort zone make me feel so much better in the end. The importance of time in marketing Published: 2015-02-12 I recently submitted a guest post suggestion to a (German) blog. They agreed (after two weeks) and told me that the publication date would be in 6 (six!) weeks. Maybe I have the wrong expectations, but in my experience, that’s a terribly long reaction time. I usually get a response to a guest post suggestion within 48 hours, and often the post goes live the next day or within the first week at the latest.

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