In Marketing It Is Not Only Important To Do Great Things

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In Marketing It Is Not Only Important To Do Great Things

But also to do these great things at the right time. Here’s why. #marketing strategy #digital marketing That includes high-traffic blogs like Jeff Bullas’ blog. Luckily he hadn’t sent the mail elsewhere in the meantime. This experience made me think about the importance of time in marketing and that time is much more than just showing your customers that you care. Before you read any further, we have several resources that show you exactly how to use social media to get massive traffic and leads. For example, take a look at the following: FREE Step-by-Step Twitter Marketing Guide FREE Pinterest Marketing Ebook Why is time so important? You could say: Why am I complaining, my publication is gone, what do I care if it comes out in 2 days or 6 weeks?

But it makes a difference. Marketers have a purpose I admit that I don’t just guest post for fun, I do it with a purpose in mind. I admit that I don’t just guest post for fun, I do it with a purpose in mind. click to tweet We have our own blog. Although it’s fairly new, it gets a lot more visitors than the blog I mentioned earlier. But there are multiple reasons to guest post on another blog. I don’t guest post all the time, but when I do, timing is crucial. Usually when I write guest posts, I have a specific goal in mind. My topics, my author bio and my links are chosen accordingly. And as my goals change over time, I try to sync my posts with the purpose I’m following at the time the post comes out.In marketing, the right time is crucial.

If A Marketing Route Isn’t Time-optimized

It may not be as beneficial as it seemed. If I can’t estimate in advance how long it will take to publish the post, my profit from the guest post is significantly reduced, since with the wrong timing, the published post no longer helps my cause in the best possible way when published at the time. suitable. Social media marketing is a fast game Although my general purpose for all my Spain whatsapp number list online activity may remain the same, my goals can change quickly. A product launch, a new project, a new idea, or even a new client can change my current perspective and the topics I write about. A reaction time of two weeks and a posting window of six weeks makes it quite unattractive for me to guest post on this blog. There is not only competition between authors for the best guest posting opportunities.

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There are so many great blogs out there where I can post, blogs have to make it worth writing for. I can send my posts to several other blogs, which respond and publish faster. By giving me the opportunity to coordinate and optimize my activity. These blogs make it much more attractive for me to publish with them. What it is for you? So now I’ve talked about the reasons why I, as a guest writer, expect quick reactions and you might ask: Why should you care? (Actually, I hope you’re not asking.) The answer is simple: because it is in your interest to keep your partners happy. And your guest authors are your partners. If they are not happy, they will simply find another place.

The Better Content They Provide

The more likely these authors will be published elsewhere. If you don’t react in a way that they can benefit from posting with you. They’ll just look elsewhere, where they can get better “service.” – And you want the best guest posts, right? Guest posting is a two-sided partnership and should present a win-win situation. Hey, before you read on, we have several FREE detailed guides on similar topics that you can download. For this post, check out: FREE Workbook: CREATE AWESOME BLOG POSTS FREE. Beginner’s Guide: START A BLOG Guest posting is a two-sided partnership and should. Present a win-win situation. click to tweet Do you want to learn how to grow a social audience, social media traffic, and leads?

We give you a step-by-step guide to getting free traffic from social media in our eBook “ The Social Traffic Code !” traffic code Time is crucial in more than one aspect Guest posting isn’t the only situation in social media marketing where time is of the essence. Here are some examples we’ve covered in the past where timing was crucial to marketing success. Timing is crucial to marketing success in more ways than one. Click to tweet news theft Have you heard of news hijacking? It’s when you take a current event that draws. A lot of attention for a short time and use it to draw attention to your own purpose. Jonathan did this with his post “

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