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Good and memorable: How effective content is made, according to 3 writers

Effective content, there is a huge field to attract the audience. By having a story, even as entertainment, you can have an area of ​​opportunity that will pay off big. The only problem is that most of the material that is made for social networks lacks substance. On many occasions, the straw can be left over, especially in social networks that focus on Vietnam Mobile Database specialized content. This is how negative content comes in many forms: in the form of niche cliches, repetitions and rehashes, something more arrogant to reach “multiple audiences”, in boring and already usable formats, and so on. Content is king. At least that’s what specialized statistics and surveys lead us to believe. The reality indicates that 89 percent of digital strategists improvise skills to create content, according to Gen Report. That is, they have it as a priority, but they do not emphasize in their way of creating it. In fact, 63 percent of marketers focused on content marketing indicate that generating traffic and leads is the main objective. That, according to the analysis portal HubSpot . Vietnam Phone Number List

This is where the problem lies: most writing is not memorable. If the goal is to gain loyal readers and create strong relationships with digital users, on social platforms, you must create effective and “memorable” content strategically. To be successful, despite what has been heard in other content strategies, you must have a single sense, focused on the target audience. This will have more attendance from the audience, it keeps them busy. Afterwards, you also have to be SEO focused. What is “memorable” effective content? It is easy. Saying more, saying less. It’s common for most content creators to try to express it too often. The idea is to solve articles and not do “nonsense”. To avoid confusion, this does not mean that all articles or material should be short. It means that each word must teach and say something, explain a message. What We Can Learn About Effective Content, According to Three Writers
Ernest Hemingway, winner of a Nobel Prize in literature As the American writer and journalist Ernest Hemingway put it, the “objective is to write down on paper what you see and what I feel in the best and simplest way”.

He never wasted words. He wrote as if he paid a high price for each sentence. It placed a higher value on language than most content creators today. To simplify writing, you have to avoid meaningless phrases. As Hemingway Brother Cell Phone List wrote in The Art of The Short Story : “Anything can be omitted, if you knew what you omitted and if the omitted part strengthened the story. That would make people feel something more than they understand ”. Don’t Use Cheap Tricks: George Orwell Eric Arthur Blair, better known as George Orwell, was a British writer and journalist. Although he never won a Nobel Prize in Literature, he is one of the most recognized authors worldwide and undoubtedly one of the most influential. Orwell hated wordy, “wise” writing. According to his ideology, it was the kind of writing that makes you feel “stupid.” Here’s a tip you can learn about this situation: If someone’s writing makes you feel stupid, that person is not a good writer.

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