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Spirometry with a bronchodilator test is a test of great importance in the diagnosis and evaluation of respiratory diseases. Mainly in obstructive disorders with reversible effects , such as asthma. This Evaluation Performed After all, the diagnostic method offers complementary data on lung volume and capacity , enabling the analysis before and after the use of bronchodilators . I talk more about this topic throughout the article, includ the purpose, how it is done and what is the difference between simple spirometry and with bronchodilator test. Both test modalities benefit from remote interpretation and reporting via telemedicine . What is spirometry with a bronchodilator test? Spirometry with a bronchodilator test is a test that measures breathing capacity before and after using a bronchodilator .

The bronchodilator is a medicine

Composed of substances that expand the internal space of the bronchi and bronchioles, branches of the trachea that allow the passage of air to the lungs. Salbutamol, methacholine, carbachol and histamine are Hong Kong Phone Number Data examples of bronchodilators used in this modality of spirometry. Also known as a breath test or a pulmonary function test , the procedure is carried out using a small and generally portable device: the spirometer. The device evaluates the amount of inspired and expired air , in addition to the spe of respiratory movements. As a result, graphs are formed that reveal details about the functioning of the lower airways. Spirometry TUSS code with bronchodilator test The diagnostic method is register in the TUSS Table.

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The procedures that refer to the complete pulmonary function test (or clinical spirometry Including. The version with bronchodilator test. Cited as Forced Spirometry .Maximum Volumes and Flows . In force since the TUSS Table serves to standardize all nomenclatures and codes related to medical B2B Phone List procedures recognized by the National Supplementary Health Agency.  The use of the appropriate code eliminates doubts and complies with. The TISS Supplementary Health Information Exchange) standard. Established by the ANS as a way of standardizing the information shared between service providers. Private health operators and the ANS itself. In this document , the Brazilian Society of Pneumology and Tisiology (SBPT) clarifies that the terminology Pulmonary Function Test or Spirometry encompasses four stages of the procedure . Are they simple spirography Determination of respiratory mechanics.

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