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Measurements of volume and lung capacity are indispensable for assessing the performance of the lungs. They provide indications of important alterations in respiratory capacity , supporting an adequate medical approach in the diagnosis and treatment of the patient. How to Measure It is bas on its interpretation that obstructive and restrictive pulmonary diseases are detect. Such as asthma and COPD . Continue reading this article where I explain the difference between lung volume and capacity and how to calculate and evaluate these measurements with the help of spirometry . Following the text until the end, you will also find the telemedicine solutions that I present to access the online report , reducing the overload of tasks for the medical team . What is the difference between lung volume and capacity.

It is natural to have this

Doubt at the beginning of your studies in pulmonology, or even during your medical career . After all, the concepts of volume and lung capacity go hand in hand, forming a relationship of dependence. In addition to being frequently India Mobile Number Data mention together, given their relevance for the clinical examination of patients who present symptoms such as dyspnea, precordial pain and wheezing. And also in carrying out complementary tests, such as spirometry. However, understanding the difference between the concepts is not so complicated. Basically, volume represents a single measurement . Which describes the limit of air that can be inhaled or exhaled by a person. Or, still, the amount of air that remains in reserve to keep the lungs working. Lung capacity, on the other hand , is composed of two or more volumes , and needs to be calculated based on these values.

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What is lung volume

Lung volume is the amount of air held by these organs , represent averages, reserves or limits during the respiratory movements of inspiration and expiration – as air is formed by gases, these measurements are given in units of volume, usually in milliliters (mL) . Maintaining lung volumes within normal parameters is essential for the proper functioning of the respiratory system, as the lungs depend on them to carry B2B Phone List out the gas exchanges necessary for breathing . This process is fundamental for maintaining life, providing the oxygen that gives energy to cells throughout the body. Of course, breathing is not only impact by lung volumes. It is still influenc by the conditions of the upper airways  nose, nasal cavities, pharynx and larynx. They are responsible for capturing. Filtering and warming the air that enters the body. Allowing it to reach the lungs through the trachea. Afterwards, it follows the bronchi, which are tubes that are born in the trachea . It is divid between the right and left lung and reaches the bronchioles. Alveolar ducts and alveoli.

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